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Rainbow Loom Sci-Fi Designs

With the creativity of multiple designers, Rainbow Loom science fiction charms and figures have become a huge part of the design family. Whether it be Star Wars, Star Trek, or Doctor Who, the explosion of great sci-fi designs have taken Rainbow Loom from it’s beginnings as a jewelry creation hobby tool to one with much more creativity. The amount of great sci-fi designs is growing.

Many of the sci-fi designs use different colors from the primary red, green, blue, yellow, black, and white. Therefore be prepared to stock up on different band colors. You can pick up these bands from your local store or you can look through our Loom Store to find whatever you need for your Rainbow Loom needs.

Many of these Rainbow Loom sci-fi designs can be made by not only the Rainbow Loom but my many of the loom machines, such as the Fun Loom, Cra-Z-Loom, Wonder loom, and Bandaloom.

Adding Rainbow Loom Sci-Fi designs to Your Favorites

If you want to save any sci-fi tutorials as your favorites to be watched over again, simply click through to the tutorial video page and click on the Add to favorites link under the video. It will be added to your favorites to be able to be quickly viewed again.


The number of tutorials for animal designs has grown quite a bit and we have sorted through numerous instructional videos to bring you the best of the lot.

Here are a collection of Rainbow Loom Sci-Fi charms and figures for you to look at and try your hand at creating.


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